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Core Value

We believe that God himself orders the affairs of the church of Jesus Christ and ultimately ordains its leaders. Therefore, it is our responsibility to develop, recognize, support and respect leaders in our church. Leadership is a right that has to be earned through serving in a constantly changing environment. We believe the bible is the primary means by which God has expressed His instruction about himself for mankind and everything we need to guide the church and our individual lives. Methods/Cultural Relevance: We believe the church must stay culturally relevant within the bounds of doctrinal purity. We believe continual and intentional spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth is imperative and is the norm and that each member must use his/her gifts and talent. We believe in developing the church as a relational community for care, life change, spiritual growth and authentic relationships as described in the word of God, one being that marriage is between a man and a woman. We believe Christ's followers must manifest authenticity and yearn for continuous personal growth as demonstrated by personal integrity, holiness, service and sacrifice. We believe the essence of the Christian life is to live out, by grace, the character traits best exemplified by our Lord Jesus Christ. The moral standards stated in the bible and exemplified in Christ are timelessly applicable to all people of all ages in all societies. We believe excellence honors God and inspires greatness. To offer Christ our best work we pay close attention to detail to ensure accuracy.


  • Senior Pastor

  • Marketplace Pastors

  • Administration Pastor

  • Youth Pastor

  • Music Ministry Pastor

  • Evangelism Pastor

  • Education Pastor


• Women of Worship - W.O.W.

• Men in the Body- M.I.B.

• Youth; drama team, dance (Word in motion), choir,

   ushers, evangelism.

• Come and talk to me - Counseling. Support groups to

   help in walking out true deliverance.

• K.E.I. - Kingdom Expansion Influence; Audio visual

   ministry, marketing and promotion.

• Hospitality; Care team, ushers, parking attendant, kitchen


• Prodigal Restoration, P.R. - Evangelism.

• Word In Motion Adult dance 

• Will to Worship Praise team.

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